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    Author:Izzy,Angie.S and Emma

    Cover:Can there be a girl in the stage but like the girls shadow.And can the title be like that title from The X Factor.Or it can just be with big lights.Oh and can the title be color red and gold.
    And can you add this to the cover.
    ¨You are a star,Kaylie Walker,and I want to be the person to make you one.¨
    Can those words be color white and hope you can add that :)

    Summary:Its about a girl who is a good singer.But she is so..shy to sing in front of a big crowd.But when her family addition her to The X Factor.Her life change from the moment she walked on that stage.
    |Sorry its short|

    Colors:Can it be black and white.and can there be smoke in the cover too.and like some big lights too but like stage lights.

    Model:None just what I told you about the shadow of the girl :)

    Really Really hope you can do it.
    I really love you work.And I would be really happy if you did one for me.
    Papillon Cover Store [Open]
    Papillon Cover Sto...
    A cover store for my lovelies <3 Note: Please read the rules BEFORE asking for a cover. I have all of my delivery info in there, as well as guidelines and other things <3
    3 years ago
    Hi! Your cover is ready :) Sorry about the wait! Please let me know if you want a redo :)
    3 years ago
    Thank you
    3 years ago
    You're welcome! Let me know if you would like to see them in full quality :)
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