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  • Maddie Marie

    mumbled "Easy Saturday <3"

    Today's started out pretty great and relaxing. First, a yummy breakfast, then a cup of tea with a british pastry and a little bit of easy guitar playing. I'm thinking about getting back to For You My Demon too to top everything off. Should I?
  • Maddie Marie
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    First Chapter down and I'm hooked!
    According to his doctors and his parents, Charlie is a paranoid schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur. He's a danger to himself if he doesn't get treatment and therapy. According to the people in...
  • Maddie Marie

    mumbled "Snow Day, Happy Snowy Days"

    Ahh, snow days are amazing. I've got nothing to do but sip tea, read and write. With mother nature acting the way she is I may have much more writing time. Yipee!
  • Maddie Marie

    mumbled "Wow.."

    It seems like forever since I've been on this site, but since I've been gone, I have NOT stopped writing. I've only become so much better than I used to be. Instead of posting on this sight I've been using Wattpad to continue my character's journeys through their make believe worlds, and I've created a few new pieces of work. Although I may not stick to this sight, you can always find me on Wattpad as MaddieMarie176.
  • Maddie Marie

    mumbled "Ah, Freedom at Last! (+Thank You!)"

    Yesterday was my final day of school! That means I have more free time to write! :D and thank you to the people who like what I write and encourage me. You guys are amazing and please keep it up cause I know I will!
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