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Ra Anderson, 17 years old, Los Angeles California, brunette, tall, brown eyes, brown skin and trying my best.

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    C'mon man you've been gone for so damn long where are you? When are you gonna post? This is driving me using I hate it when the person is a good writer and with a good idea but doesn't post anything whyyyyyy?!!! Please post soon!!
    Bad For You (Larry Stylinson) [HIATUS TIL SUMMER]
    Bad For You (Larry...
    Louis thought he could handle it all. After being bullied both physically and verbally throughout most of his school years, he believed his experiences had made him stronger. When he decided to pursue...
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    Hello my lovely readers!! I haven't been on movellas since forever maybe a year or less but seriously I miss writing I really do!!!!!! So as for my movella it started in subway I don't think I'll continue it it's silly I might cut the first part and complete it that would be goo and as for my second one forgive me? I just wrote a chapter to it and I'll try to update daily I promise I'll tery so please read the second one forgive me? It's just better and if your under the age of 17+ I don't think this movellas is the right thing for you and if you are 17+ but don't like Amur or dirty things like sex and harsh language this isn't the movella for you please read it and enjoy it love you and if you a fan of my movella forgive me? I'll call you guys forgivers I don't know it sounds great and yeah love ya guys!
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    Isn't the blurb something blind gossip wrote?
    Boy Banders Are Hiding A Secret. ON HOLD.
    Boy Banders Are...
    If they were on a singing competition show, you would call them a Male Vocal Group. We prefer the term Boy Band. The group’s image determines their commercial success, and each member of the group is assigned...
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    I am dying literally I adore it so please update it pretty please
    I'll make you mine - One Direction (Larry Stylinson AU) (One Shot)
    I'll make you mine...
    Harry Styles is the popular, rich and spoiled senior year student. He gets the money, the girls, the cars. Anything he wants, when he wants it. He’s the ruler of the high school he goes to. He has everyone...
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