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I'm Brisa. I'm a Directioner, Belieber, Mixer and in the #5SOSFamily. <3 I didn't really like writing at first, but then my teacher said I should write more since I had good writing. (don't know if that's true or not) but ya. I know I'm not the best writer but I wanna be so I joined this. If you like my stories please fan, favorite, like and comment. Thanks (: xx

I used to be m_brisa_16 so my old fanfics have that name on them


I believe in bullshit ;) I like Eleanor though, I think she's pretty but it honestly looks like Louis and her are just friends- if you ship Elounor, that's cool, we can be friends. No hate. If you ship Larry, your cool, let's be friends! Remember shipping is when you think they would look cute together so I ship Elounor but believe Larry is real. If you don't get me then idk how to explain that and just leave. No jk.

-Brisa xx


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    The reason why directioners might say its a 1d site is probably because there is an app called One Direction Movellas. Which Movellas has created for the 1D fandom. Beliebers have one too
    Why Movellas Sucks!
    Why Movellas Sucks...
    This is where I'm going to RANT MY HEAD OFF about what is wrong with Movellas! Rated Y: I use the a word occasionally but most bad words are censored with asterisks *. However if you don't know those bad...
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