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  • ayeecalifornia

    mumbled "What is vine?"

    "Welcome to vine where the talented, creative, and fucked up individuals come together. It's a beautiful place." I guess I'll leave y'all to figure out which one I am.
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    mumbled "I have the best Daddy in the world!"

    So, for my birthday I asked my stepmom, dad, and brothers for clothes.. I ended up getting two beautiful shirts with fleece lined leggings. But, from my dad I got my first pair of boots with a heal! He picked them out and everything! I love my Daddy so much. I never thought me and him were very close. Even though I am with him every weekend. But, today when he text me 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABYGIRL!' I almost cried. I have had the best birthday ever. Finally I am a teenager. My bestfriends stayed with me last night. and my "Big sister" Melody sent me this when I woke up, 'Happy birthday Lyndsay! I love you to the moon and back 10000000000000000000 times. I'm so glad you're in my life. You're like my other half, my little sister, & my bb. You're really growing up on me. I still remember when we first met. Been about 5 years ago. Anyways. Enjoy your birthday, baby girl. I love you!' And then Shelby sent me,' HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY VERY VERY VERY MOST FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WORLD. I HOPE YOU HAVE A REALLY GREAT DAY. I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH BABY!' and then Chase stayed up all night just to tell me happy birthday first. I truly have the most amazing family and friends in the entire world. By friends, I'm including you guys also. ILYSM! I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT!
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    mumbled "Sing with me?"

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    Wait 'til you’re announced
    We’ve not yet lost all our graces
    The hounds will stay in chains
    Look upon your greatness
    That you’ll send the call out
    (Send the call out [15x])
    Call all the ladies out
    They’re in their finery
    A hundred jewels on throats
    A hundred jewels between teeth
    Now bring my boys in
    Their skin in craters like the moon
    The moon we love like a brother, while he glows through the room
  • ayeecalifornia

    mumbled "Please just please."

    I just wish I had someone who I could talk to. That wouldn't judge me for falling in love to quickly, for crying everytime I mess something up, and for wishing that I'd never met the person I love. Ugh FML.
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