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•I'm Cassandra but I like to be called Cassie
•I'm 15!
•I'm crazy! (Ask my friends)
•Some of my best friends live MILES away!!
•Writing is my escape from life. I write when no one listens.
•Music is an important part of my life.
•I'm love with someone who will never love me back -SF-

  • Cessa2014
    5 years agoReply
    Okay guys. Could y'all help me out? I'm trying to find a story where the girls name is Fallon & in the beginning she's starting at a new school? I know that's not much to go off of but if y'all could try to help that would be amazing
  • Cessa2014
    7 years agoReply
    Love it!!
    Find You
    Find You
    When Fallyn goes in labor with Ashton and her's fourth child Jim, Fallyn's father comes back into the picture after escaping the psych ward. He proceeds to kidnap Fallyn and her unborn child. After the...
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