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I am a hunter.
I hunt for the ancient and the forgotten.
For the pure and the innocent.
For the insane and sinister.
I am a hunter.

Also named;
Mother Lucy,
Lucy Quinn.

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    mumbled "GET INVOLVED!!! "

    Dear All,

    I have started a project looking at the relationship between text and image.
    I wanted to ask everybody to comment two words and add an image, relating to these words, down below.
    All contributing words/images will be combined into an artwork, exhibiting in a few weeks time.
    I don't have any restrictions, as I am interested in what other people come up with. However please don't insult or offend anyone, no racism or nasty words.
    Thank you.
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    mumbled "The Return"

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    It's been over two years since I was on here and I now looking over my old stuff, thankful that I didn't delete it and erase myself from this place.
    Coming back to Movellas has made me look at my old work, especially my poetry and right now it's the only medium of expression I have.
    Hoping that I will continue to produce work on here, two years on.
    Lucifer's Kiss
    1 years ago
    @[Le Fox] Hey, thanks. How's things been?
    Le Fox
    1 years ago
    Things are good, though exam prep's got me freaking lol.

    How are you? :)
    Lucifer's Kiss
    1 years ago
    I'm good. Uni's fun...:)
    Exams will be fine. You'll ace them!
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    mumbled "Anyone want me to read their movella and comment?"

    I'm home!!!
    And I'm dying to read some new stuff. So anyone want to read their wonderful work?
    2 years ago
    My book the third wheel
    The Third Wheel[short story] [completed] ❝Its hard to live with the fact that you're in love with someone who will never love you back.❞

    thank you :)
    Le Fox
    2 years ago
    Could you read this, perhaps? :)

    Forever YoungDarla is most definitely not a human. She's one of the Ashki, an immortal race who have lived alongside humans from the very beginning. But friendships...
    Lucifer's Kiss
    2 years ago
    @[Le Fox] and @[strontium] I'll add it to the list.

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