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Was-sup all, Bonnie 3.0 here, i'm running a YouTube channel under the name The Bonnie. any ideas or advice to doing reaction videos, type me a message. pretty pimp, huh?

My life as a 12 year old

by , Thursday June 8, 2017
  My life as a 12 year old

my life as a 12 year old watching videos at night.

Dear People who are reading this

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  • spiderman MCU

    mumbled "i've got a youtube channel"

    5 months agoReply

    I mean it. only I don't know how to get those vines and things like that. my YouTube name is The Bonnie. I want to do reaction videos and other things, but
    A) I don't have an IOS device for reaction videos
    B)I have no idea how to get hold of videos and make them funny
    comment on my movellas page to help me out
    Lily Anna
    5 months ago
    I think my best suggestion is to look up tutorials on how to make them. And investigate what free editing software to get because you are mostly likely going to need some to put all your videos together :)
    spiderman MCU
    2 months ago
    neutral  sans 45
    1 months ago
    hey congrats @[spiderman MCU] hope your channel is awsome :)
  • spiderman MCU

    mumbled "has anyone seen the new Marvel Avengers: infinity war yet?"

    7 months agoReply
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    it looks cool. I might be watching it in the cinemas tommorrow
    Katie Pharoah
    7 months ago
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    It's not actually out yet, it's out tomorrow and Friday. The 23rd was just the Hollywood premiere where they showed half an hour of the film.
    I'm seeing it tomorrow and it looks awesome, I don't know how I'll be able to sit through my lessons before hand :)
    spiderman MCU
    5 months ago
    I really want to see infinity war. I can't tell you what happens though
    Avenger Spiderman
    2 months ago
    seen videos of it. really upsetting :(

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