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I'm a 14 year old girl just trying to see if I have any talent in writing. I love One Direction!!!! Just plz leave comment to see what you think about it so I can become a better writer! Thanks!!! :) And also my little penguins if you want to contact me then you can go on:
Twitter: @jpr_purple21
Kik: jpr_purple21
or comment in my stories!! <3

*Also could you Favorite, Like, and become a Fan for me!? It would mean so much!

Tehe, LovinMe-J Peace! :) Xx

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    Guys!! OMG my computer is fixed!! It's amazing and a miracle!! I'm still thinkin if I should still continue with Little Things, but It's defiantly a possibility:)
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    Hello everyone even there is anyone. I haven't been on here in a long time. I'm really sorry for everything. My computer died a long time ago and I guess I never had time or utilities to update my stories. Again I'm sorry and hope you forgive. Still wondering if I should even continue Little Things. Idk. Well thanks to all my fans:) Sorry again.
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    Hello who ever reads these things,
    I'm sorry about my absence on the site, && not updating as much as I used to. My life (yes I actually have some sort of a life) has been kinda hetic, I've also been sick a lot lately too. My computer has also been giving me alot of problems. Once I try fixing my computer, & when I'm done with basketball, which ends this week, I can get back to when I used to update. Thanks! Penguinz <(")
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    I've had a cool last week on Movellas. I made some new friends (Patch, J.K. Panesar, star_lover88) they a really cool bunch of people. And I am really proud of my story so far and it hasn't even gotten to the good parts yet so yeah... if you guys ever want to talk to me then kik me at: jpr_purple21 or on twitter: jpr_purple21. I love you guys!! Penguins forever! <(")