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  • Louise Vestergård Lindgaa
    This is so gooood! And I love the way you write. It gives a cool effect to the story🙌🏼😊
    Made by Man
    Made by Man
    Abigail was just a normal girl. She was kidnapped and made into an experiment. She escapes a whole new person. Her eyes and hair. The fact that she can change into a wolf. Yeah. A wolf. She also discovers...
    oh thank you. :-)
  • Louise Vestergård Lindgaa
    This is realy amazing! Love it
    Alpha wants me bad
    Alpha wants me bad
    Amber Courval is the daughter of one of the world's most feared alphas. What happens when her rival pack's alpha starts going to her school and not to mention, has been invited to stay in her house. How...
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