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    1. Ilovedracomalfoy
    2. Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games
    3. I am really bad at writing fanfictions and i want to be better.
    4.I do not mind having a "study buddy"
    5. Percy JAckson and Harry POtter
    Movellas' School For Fangirls
    Movellas' School...
    Ever wanted to be a student at a school for Fangirls? Well, now you can! Follow the first chapters instructions and apply for the school and get sorted into your fangirl house. Copyrighted. Houses are: Potterheads,...
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    1.Lucy Palmer
    2. Black Hair, Blue Eyes, Short, Thick black eyeliner, Black skinny jeans, black converse sneels (sneaker heels), Orange Camp Half blood t-shirt, Black cardigan,
    3. Intelligent, Funny, kind,
    4. Apollo
    5.Ring dagger (diamond is the dagger) and Pendant bow and arrow
    6. Best friend (annabeth chase), 16, Been at the camp since she was 8.
    Camp Half-Blood: In Demigods We Trust
    Camp Half-Blood:...
    Camp Half-Blood, with a few new characters. Hope you like it!
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    There could have been an 8th horcrux because in the letter that Lily sent Sirius on Harry's 1st birthday it said they had a cat. Harry is an accidental horcrux so the cat could be too!
    Harry Potter Facts
    Harry Potter Facts
    Drop in for some fun facts about Harry Potter.
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    Hermione's Seventh Year
    Hermione's Seventh...
    After the war Hermione is going back to Hogwarts without Ron, Harry and Ginny. Will she cope with the memories the castle brings back? And how will she react when an unexpected visitor turns up? Cover...
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