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    mumbled "Important for my readers "

    I feel as if my story is getting boring due to my poor internet connection and I now have nothing to write. I am so pissed off, I want to now delete Ctrl, Alt, Del. I don't have enough inspiration to read it anymore. I'm sorry, if you don't want it to be deleted, making your decision and I would love to be suggested ideas. Thank you! Love yas - Rheannon xx
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    My readers of 'Ctrl, Alt, Del' are probably planning ways to kill me now because, I spent an hour and a half specifically, writing Chapter 10 and then my Internet was just like 'Haha b*tch your not gonna save this' and turned off once I click save! I WAS TICKED OFF. All that time, I spent writing about the gym, kiss and tattoos! OKAY THE INTERNET HATES ME. CHAPTER 10 ALSO NEVER CAME UP, GODDDDDDDD! I HATE THE INTERNET CONNECTION I HAVE IN MY BEDROOM! I AM SOOOO MAD! Rant ove, I'll re-write it! Love yas!
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    mumbled "01/10/2013"

    I don't know why people have to get into my f****** personal life, there is no reason for you to be nosy?! Stop spreading stuff that ain't even true, I hate how people are asking me questions and then interrogate me then they go round telling everyone. I f****** hates it. Grrr! Rant over.

    Now I shall calm myself with Dark and a bit of One Direction tunage.

    Ctrl, Alt, Del Character Image: Tyler Addams
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    mumbled "Ctrl, Alt, Del "

    I've joined the 'Battle Of The Fandoms' competition and when I saw the ending date. Let's just say this, I'm pissed now! I have 13-12 days to finish my story, can I do it? I think I need motivation but also something to get me inspired to write this. If I don't get the inspiration to write this then I can't continue. Sorry for the news guys :( I love yas :3 Jesus, Geordie Shore moment! Love you all and thanks for any feedback I've had on Ctrl, Alt, Del. - louis_arse xx
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    This is really interesting, I love it. The way that he is protective over his best friend, its like a brother/sister relationship, I truly loves it! I love your narrative voice though, this is very descriptive.
    Tobias Eaton-Divergent
    Tobias Eaton-Diver...
    We've heard of Beatrice Prior story in the amazing book "Divergent" But we've never heard Tobias story. This is the story of Tobias Eaton or known as Four. The story in his point of view. Love, death,...
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    Thank you it means a lot to me, glad you like it.
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