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    I've been waiting forever!!!!!! Please! Your last girls need you!
    Slave Auction 2: The Boys' Story
    Slave Auction 2:...
    While Jenna is helping Liam pack for college, she comes across an old photo of Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam in the slave auction when they were freshman. Determined to find out the truth about why...
  • Londonlover453002
    I don't want to make you mad..but where is my imagine?
    5sos imagines and Preferences
    5sos imagines and...
    You want an imagine? Here's all I need to know; Your name What's going to happen Boy(s) You know basic stuff :) Xoxo- Michaels lovely angel
    4 years ago
    So sorry I was supposed to have it up yesterday but my phone glitched and it erased the imagine plus I'm really busy and one of my cousins died. I will have it up tomorrow or the next if I got nothing going on :/ again I'm sorry :)
    Oh... I am soooooo sorry. I understand. I can wait. Just please put : -added chapter- once it's posted. Thanks and I'm sorry for your loss.Take care! :)
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