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<3 Love you Angel <3

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    OMFG guys thank you so much for 1317 views! I love you guys!
    The Bright Stars
    The Bright Stars
    Kemylee is just an average girl.. Or so people think. She is bullied all the time at school and her parents hate her. She is on the edge (literally) when a sweet man lifts her off of her feet and back...
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    Awe Lindsay. I love you!!
    Nameless - Diary of Captaindorito
    Nameless - Diary...
    Hopefully well-written little thingys (diary entries, I guess??) about my thoughts and feelings. Feel free to enjoy (?) this look into my life, or lack of life. People in my diary will remain nameless,...
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    Title: Diary of a Broken Girl
    Author: Llama.Lama
    Detailed Summary: It's just my diary...
    Genre/mood: Diary
    Text: You never know what people are feeling
    Ideas: A girl writing in a "diary" on a desk with long sleeves (long sleeves obviously hiding stuff on her arms)
    Extra: I kinda want the colors to stay like dark blues and reds with a hint of oranges.

    Take your time, I'm not in a rush
    RT's Graphics Store [Closed]
    RT's Graphics Stor...
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    Thank you so much
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    Omfg that is AMAZING! I actually have a pink iPod exactly like that. Thank you sooooo much!!
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