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DIRECTIONER & partial belieber. (I'm on my way to belieberism) i love all fanfics and might get spazzy when i really like a movella and the person is slow at updating. If i start commenting for you to update, just know that that means that I LOVE YOU!!!! :)

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    I don't know if i should delete this it feels like a waste of others time...
    Everything happens for a reason. When Natasha's parents die in a car crash, she loses hope in ever being happy again. The only thing that ever makes her smile anymore, is watching One Direction videos....
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    2.Good Girl Gone Bad
    2.Good Girl Gone...
    Brooke hasn't seen Justin since that day. When she heard the things that Justin did and said to all of those girls, something in her changed. She was tired of being the nice girl. She was tired of obeying...
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