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So this my secret. Kudos to anyone who can figure out what my other one is..... Anyway, more about me!!! Follow me on Instagram @forever__potato
And on polyvore emma-01-2012
I like sugar. Like, i might marry it one day. Umm and penguins are like my mascot. I'm a socially awkward potato. And for some reason, I get all the fake and backstabbing friends. I have 3 brothers and a twin sister. Ummmm and I LOVE DEMI LOVATO and olly murs.
TROUBLE TROUBLE MAKER YEAH THAT'S YOUR MIDDLE NAME!!! Sorry fangirl attack. CLATO IS MY LIFE!! I have a serious grudge against glato shippers. I don't have anything against the actual people, but if u tell me u love glato, we prob wont be besties...... OH AND I NEED A NAME FOR ALL MY FANS

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