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-Don't judge a book unless you've read it cover to cover-

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  • livetolove3905

    mumbled "PLEASE READ!"

    I'm going to rewrite Because of You. It's going to include most of the stuff in the original version, but the original version will be deleted once I post the updated version. Just a warning to all of you guys who read Because of You. I don't wanna have you think it's deleted forever :3. I hope you like the updated version just as much as the original version :)
  • livetolove3905

    mumbled "New Book Cover"

    I made a new book cover for Forever and Always btw :). Just thought to let you know ^-^
    Sierrah Styles
    4 years ago
    Are you gonna make a sequel to Forever And Always???
    Please say yes! ����
    4 years ago
    Unfortunetly I will not be making a sequel to Forever and Always :( I am however in the process of writing Because of You! If you would like, you could read that one :) Yes, it is about One Direction. Thanks for reading!
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