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Minnie Belieber/ Danoaur/ Phillion/ Directione/ Joey Graceff/ Buffy The Vampire Slayer/ And so much more! I can't do it its to hard to have a social life! YouTube is my best friend. :)

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    mumbled "What just happen?"


    Chase P.O.V
    It was 11:30pm and my parents weren't home form their date. I got up off my bed and turned on my radio. Save you tonight was playing. "Ugggg!" i really don't like One Direction so I turned it off and went to me dresser and got my pink panther pj pants a d my pink tap top and put them on. My phone began to ring I picked it up and said "Hello"
    "Is this Chase Payne?" Asked the lady on the phone
    "Yes, can I ask who this is?"
    "I work at the hospital and um your parents their here in the E.R. "
    "What happen? Why are they there? I'll be there soon!" I said and huge up wall running down stairs and out the front door and into my car. On the way to the hospital I call my brother he was on tour with his band One Direction. "Liam, it's Chase, um mom and dad are in the hospital……" I said crying.
    "Chase, you have me at a bad time… wait what!?!?" He said yelling into the phone.
    "You need to come home… like now." I said between sobs.
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