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Hi, I'm Harriett, a 15 year's worth collection of random thoughts and ideas. For me, writing is more than a hobby, passion or vocation. The ability to write in the way I do is part of me, just so much as of the fact you could say I was born with blue eyes or born with blonde hair. Writing is weaved into my DNA, it is irreversible and irreplaceable, and a lucky streak that enables me to turn all my emotions and ideas into stories and plots. I hope you enjoy my writing.

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    What made the Grinch turn from bad to good?
    - The Grinch's heart grew when he realised the true meaning of Christmas, that the Who's of Whoville didn't need lavish gifts or fancy decorations to be happy at Christmastime, but to share it with their loved ones.

    What was the name of the little girl who helped him get there?
    - Her name was Cindy Lou Who

    Fun fact: awesome hair, she has!
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