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Written in these walls are the stories
That I can't explain I leave my heart open
But it stays right here empty for days


I know that you wanna but you can't
Cause you gotta stay cool in the corner
When the truth is that you wanna move
So move

+One Direction
+Little Mix
+Cher Lloyd
+Sweet Suspense


Do not promote yourself on my story please it's rude and annoying.

I fan back!

  • LittleAliciaStyles

    Co-write a fan fic?

    I have many fan fics idea, but I want to let all my attention to my first fan fic, but there's this one story idea that i really want to publish and it would really help if there was someone co-writting it with me. It would help if that person can developp ideas, doesn't take one months to write and have time to update. If you want to please tell me.
    Vasi Marin
    5 years ago
    that would be great!
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    if you still need someone I am here!
    5 years ago
    Me too! I'm new at this and would love too help out:)
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