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  • LindaKarlsen

    mumbled "Perfect Chemistry"

    omfg guys. To the people who read "Perfect Chemistry" My movella somehow got deleted, I have no idea how, I think I got hacked, but I've changed password and I'm so pissed right now. I've lost everything I've been working on, on that story. So that story is gone, I too tired to write it all over again, but maybe in a couple of days or weeks a new story will be up, stay tune. I'm sorry, but I got hacked or something.
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    NO!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved that story >:( People are screwed up!
    6 years ago
    awww i really love your stories
  • LindaKarlsen

    mumbled "New story."

    So guys, I'm working on my new story now, it's called "Unnatural", the first chapter will be posted when my school starts which is August 19 :)
    7 years ago
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    Yaaaaaaaaay(: can't wait
    7 years ago
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    Can't wait bet it's gonna be great
    Hey would you mind checking out my movella "His other half" Thank you if you can! If not I am sorry for bothering you thank you!
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