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    mumbled "Co-author needed!"

    Hey so, with my new movella - 'Ginny Potter' I was wondering if anyone wanted to help me write it? If you do reply to this and favourite me as an author and I will send you an invite to help me write it! I really need some help because I have ideas but I would like another input. If you would like to help my write it please have some knowledge of Harry Potter to start off.
    Thanks guys
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    mumbled "Read my new Movella!"

    I decided, after having yet another Harry Potter marathon, to finally write a fanfic. There was many options to chose from:
    When it was
    Who it was about
    What was the plot
    I decided to do it in the time just after the great war of Hogwarts, leading into the Epilogue.
    It is called 'Ginny Potter'
    Please read it and comment any suggestions and tell people about it!
    I have tried to make it realistic as possible.

    Until Next Time
  • Unicorn4Life
    This is a really good first chapter!!!! Keep writing Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Unicorn4Life
    Just stared reading and I think you should update PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
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