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Ash. Singer, writer, reader, student, fashionista and quote addict.
Our lives are made in these small hours...These twists and turns of fate- Rob Thomas, Little Wonders
Never Give Up. Life is unconditionally beautiful. So are you.

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    Great start! I love your description and the way you relate parts of the story to things to add emotion! Good job! :D
    This Isn't A Love Story
    This Isn't A Love...
    "Oh, Kassy," His green eyes twinkled a little as he smirked down at me. "The good girl always falls for the bad boy." I ground my teeth together and clenched my fists, staring up at him with dark eyes....
    Just Fly
    5 years ago
    Thank you so much! :) Is there anything in particular of yours you'd like me to check out?
    5 years ago
    Thank you, can you please check out my movella change my mind and tell me what you think? Thanks again.x:D
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