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  • LiamHarryLouisNiallZayn
    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it hehe, its amazing, and different to haha:) cant wait for an update:) x
    Where The Apples Fall...
    Where The Apples...
    (the boys are not famous in this).....Elle was the new student, every teenagers nightmare, especially when her older brother louis worked at the School along with his girlfriend eleanor, checking up on...
    7 years ago
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    Aww thankyou, so glad you like it, and yeah i thought id go for something not many people are doing, go abit different :) and ill try get the next update up by tomorrow night so be sure to come back and read it :D x
    your very welcome, it is very different to what people are doing, this is what I like about it :), and I LVOE THE NEW CHAPTER hehe just saying :D x
    7 years ago
    Glad you liked it! And well I like to he different from the rest :D x
  • LiamHarryLouisNiallZayn
    sequel is here, enjoy:)
    She's So Afraid Of Falling In Love...right this is the sequel to 'Why Be A Bully' you wont get this movella if you haven't read it, anyway, Louis and Summer have just kissed, but Summer stoppe...
    why be a bully
    why be a bully
    my name is Summer, Louis Tomlinson is my childhood bully, he calls me names, trips me up and laughs,hits me and humiliates me, I hate him, he hates me, simple, we wasnt always like this, at one point we...
  • LiamHarryLouisNiallZayn
    this is really really good, update soon (:
    My life has changed
    My life has change...
    I've just moved to London with my dad because he's got a new job. My mam died when i was young so it's just been me and him. And I'm out shopping and bump into a lad with blonde hair, big blue eyes and...
  • LiamHarryLouisNiallZayn
    aww this is really cute, good luck for the contest :') <3
    Hello, How Are You? ♡
    Hello, How Are You...
    /My entry for the Valentines Day competition~/ It's Claudia's and Niall's anniversary day and both of them decided to spend a nice day. Both of them will remember all romantic and dramatic phases in their...
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