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Hiya! I'm Kayla and I'm 19 years of age. I'm a huge Ashton Irwin fan. I'm a friendly and nice person so don't be afraid to chat with me ^.^

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    Amnesia By 5 Seconds of Summer

    "I'm moving to America with Augustus. I can't be with you anymore, Luke." She said, with her make up running down her face.

    My heart stopped.

    "Your leaving? When?" I said, with shock clear in my voice.

    Her blue orbs fell upon my blue ones.

    "Tonight. He wants to leave as soon as possible. I'm sorry Luke, but this isn't going to work out anymore." She spoke softly.

    I clenched my fists with tears threatening to fall. I narrowed my eyes and began to speak.

    "I thought your were going to leave him for me, Arielle. I thought you loved me more than him. Didn't we have anything special?" I said.

    I heard her soft footsteps come towards me.

    She stopped right in front of me and wrapped her arms around my waist, pulling me towards her.

    "I do love you Luke, but I loved him before you came into the picture. I can't keep doing this behind his back, Luke." She said, laying her head on my chest, softly sobbing.

    I hesitantly wrapped my arms around her shoulders and held her close.

    "I guess I should have known this was going to happen one day." I said, letting the tears slowly flow out.

    After a short moments, Arielle let go of me and turned around.

    "I have to let you go now, Luke. These memories we had together are long forgotten now."

    I winced at her words, feeling my heart break with ever word.

    "Goodbye Luke."

    Got this idea from the song lol.
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    Should I?
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    I'd have to think about it lol. Writing two stories at the same time is kinda my limit right now.
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