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Haii darlings! x I am Roxie! I love music, and I love to dance. Writing is just a hobby so I may not be great at it but for everyone who decided to stop by my profile I will try my best! x I am currently obsessed with a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. x I love Luke the most so I guess I am a Luke girl <3.

I love to sing with my sister and friends. I am kind of nervous to do it solo because I am afraid that I will bomb. My biggest music inspiration is Ariana Grande. x I hope one day I can be just as amazing as her. <3 x

Enough about me, I hope you guys enjoy my stories and hit that fan button down there. x You all are beautiful! x

  • Last Death Suicide<3
    You make amazing trailers c: could you make me one? it's okay if you can't I understand..
    Maggi Styles ♡
    4 years ago
    Yea sure. I need a summary, people you want to portray your characters, and if you want a teaser or trailer c:
    Last Death Suicide<3
    Summary- Kyle is on the edge of death. She had just been diagnose with cancer. Doctors said that it'd be a miracle if she lives to see the first snow fall. So instead of trying to prevent her death her parents send her to live with her aunt and cousin. Soon she starts to fall in love with one of her cousin's best friends. But when he finds out that she's sick will he leave or help her? And when Harry finds about their love will his anger tear them apart?
    Characters- Lucy Hale as Kyle. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson
    And a trailer please c:
  • Last Death Suicide<3
    Update soon (: It's amazing so far!
    Ready or Not → N.H
    Ready or Not → N.H
    Bridget Rivera is one of America's hottest models. With flawless skin and a hot body, boys practically throw themselves at her. Niall Horan is a member of the famous boy-band One Direction. With beautiful...
    4 years ago
    Thank u c:

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