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Hello! I'm Theresa but you can call me Theresa or any nickname you make up for me. Here are some facts about myself:

1. My birthday is on December 16,1999
2. I live in California
3. I love One Direction!!
4. I have a crush on a certain Irish blondie
5. I'm a nerd :P I'm in high honors and get straight A's
6. I'm a shy person
7. I'm left-handed :)
8. I can talk English and Spanish
9. I'm very insecure and self-conscious not sure if that's the same thing but moving on...
10. Duh!!! I love reading!!!
11. I am a hardcore Larry Stylinson shipper. So if you're gonna send hate, this is all I will say to you: *points finger at sky* *you look* "Oh look, there goes the fuck I give."

Well that's pretty much it. I will write only Larry Stylinson stories. Or if I get a request for something different I will try to write it. :)

  • Larry's_6_Nipples
    This story is soooo good!!!! I can't even describe the well written story. It's so interesting!!! Hope you can update soon!!! :D
    Hybrid (Larry Stylinson AU)
    Hybrid (Larry Styl...
    The world thought to be fantasy has been revealed. Vampires, werewolves, witches and the most dangerous of all, hybrids, roam the Earth to the knowledge of humans. Harry Styles was just a teenager who...
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