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I like having fun and reading. I also do a lot of sports and love meeting new people. I also hate rude people, and if i'm ever rude please tell me and (if it's my fault) I will apologize. Thanks

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    I beg of you UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!
    The Mermaid Project
    The Mermaid Projec...
    Hi my name is Kai. I am 16 years old. I was selected for the mermaid project. It sounded exciting at first, but now...I don't know who I am.
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    Please Update!!!!!!!
    Fallen Angels
    Fallen Angels
    Sixteen years ago, three angels fell from heaven. Rebecca, Caleb, and Jake fell into different locations, but Luka Valdes found them all. When they hit the earth, they were transformed into infants. Now...
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    I LOVE the cover!!
    It's me!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I love this, you should put what the greater demons are!! and how to 'kill' them
    How to be a Shadow Hunter
    How to be a Shadow...
    Are you behind in your Shadow hunter training? Having trouble with whips, seraph blades, and finding your parabatai? This book will give you great advice on how to become ahead of your age group of Nephilim....
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    Oh my gosh that would be amazing!!!!!!!!!
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    10: comeback to the comeback:
    I can't tell you, it'd make you cry
    Comebacks and Insults :Þ
    Comebacks and Insu...
    NOT MEANT TO OFFEND ANYONE! These are for people who- like me- have allot of annoying siblings. No offence meant.
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    lol that sucks!! One time I was playing hide and go seek in the dark with my brother and a couple friends (I was 9). How you play is you turn all of the lights of in the house, and then the person who
    s 'it' wears all black and hides and you count to 60 and then go try and find them, and when you get close, they jump out and try to tag you. Well my brother was it, so when he jumped out, I peed all over the rug cause I was so scared, and had to spend all night cleaning it up. I was SUPER embarrassed and haven
    t played that game since....
    My Embarrasing Stories
    My Embarrasing Sto...
    I have some embarrasing stories here and there. I am different from most people when it comes to something I resent. I like to tell people so it is out of my head. Most of this is going to...
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