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  • moth_old_stuff
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    I'm trying to resist the temptation to do anything except for revise for exams right now but the entries are really good! and after reading the extract I've got to buy the book x)x)
  • moth_old_stuff
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    Setting out to do my first NaNoWriMo this year, not the full word count but still a challenge, so will post it here when I get to 5,000! Wish me luck and hold me accountable! xD
    Molly Looby
    4 years ago
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    Good luck! :)
    3 years ago
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    I'm doggedly keeping up with my daily word goal, that's for sure :P Thanks for the check in :) - are you doing nano this year? If yes, how's it going?
  • moth_old_stuff
    And you are certainly no wimp, being able to carry on despite pain+discomfort+fear and put so much into getting better. Incredible, all the best to you!
    Leukemia. It's not for wimps.
    Leukemia. It's not...
    When I was 33, I was diagnosed with cancer for the second time in my life. This is my account of having leukemia and the following years of recovery.
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