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Hey im kylie jenner and im a model. My big sister is kim kardashian. This is a role play account!!

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    mumbled "What did lucy do?"

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    Hey I just got here and everyone hates lucy. whats going on???????????????? I don't mean to be nosy but shes my friend and I want to know what she did to make u all hate her.
    7 years ago
    It's nothing. No one needs to know. You weren't there so please don't ask. Plus she quit anyways
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    mumbled "ADOPTION!!!!"

    Hey guys!! Im an orphan and im looking for a family. :)
    I would, but you RP accounts are apparantly too cool for non- RP accounts. I don't even know how you make a RP account and how you get that stupid little check mark next to your name! Someone wanna clue me in on how all this happened?
    7 years ago
    im not sure how I got the check mark and if u wanna make a rp account just change ur name :)
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