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I am 16 I love reading and writing and I love fanfiction it doesn't matter what the story is based off of cause I like it all. I am a directioner my theme song is Live While Were Young by One Direction and my favorite song by them is Moments. I am also a member of Wattpad my name is also Krystyn15 on there so if you have an account on their and you read my story and the same one is here that's cause it's me.

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    Pleas let the baby be ok and please update soon!!
    Growing up One Direction: Sequel
    Growing up One Dir...
    Jane Tyler went through many changes in the last year. She started off as an young hurting child, and she had to change into a mother and a fiance really quickly. But, when Jane sees her friends hurting...
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    Please update soon its awesome!!
    Being Niall's Twin
    Being Niall's Twin
    Bella Horan is Niall Horan's twin sister. He set her up with his best friend, Liam Payne, three years ago. Everything is perfect between them until she becomes pregnant by him. When the rest of One Direction...
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    It think she should have twin boys Zachary Uriah and Zayn Michael
    16 and Pregnant
    16 and Pregnant
    Jenna Maslow is James Maslow of Big Time Rush's little sister. She is 16 years old. Her brother's band, Big Time Rush, tours with Cody Simpson, her celeb crush, she falls for Cody and he falls for her,...
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    Are you gonna update again? I would really like it if you did.
    Better late then Never
    Better late then...
    In March, Lilly's husband says he wants a divorce. And he leaves, and goes missing. But after a few months she finds that she's pregnant.
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    More more more please please please!!!!!
    Moments in Time (3rd book to this is the moment)
    Moments in Time...
    Read it pleaseeee, P.S your gonna have to read the first and second to get this :)
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