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Hello! I'm Kristen Stewart!! :D
I love all my fans! :)
Twitter: @KStewTweets

This is a Role-Play account.

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    mumbled "My True Identity Is..."

    This is only my 12th mumble and I will reveal my true identity. If you fan my other account you would know. I Am...... Amaya_Payne with a check before the "A".
  • ✓Kristen Stewart

    mumbled "1 Movella"

    Okay so I think I may make a movella. It will reveal my identity! If u don't know who I am. ;) Haha.
    I saw this type of movella on wattpad.It's pretty cool so I will do it on here. Or maybe on my account.
    Tessa ramsey
    7 years ago
    You use wattpad? I love it I stayed up until seven in the morning reading my WAttpad love!
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    mumbled "My Emotions"

    Okay so u guys know how it's hard to tell my emotions yes. yes. My Emotions can be hard to tell and stuff but one thing. Is it REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD to tell my emotions?
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