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i write what i feel and what i think about everyday.

  • Krista Marie

    mumbled "monsters"

    our biggest fear growing up was monsters.
    as out parents would tuck us into bed,
    we'd ask them to check for monsters.
    once we were alone the fear grew.
    "there are monsters under my bed."
    as we got older,
    the fear weakened.
    our parents would stop checking for them,
    only with our teddy bear to protect us.
    he was my hero,
    was he yours?
    as we grew more there was nothing left to fear.
    because the monsters that once lived under our beds, became the monsters that live inside of us.
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    This is Beautiful.
  • Krista Marie

    mumbled "jonathan"

    as he walks down the road,
    all alone,
    he has tears running down his face.
    no friends, no family, just him.
    he's cold and he's hungry.
    it's been days sence he's last eaten.
    the thig he wants most is to feel free again.
    as his high wears off, he only wants more.
    he's despret.
    he does everythig he can do to get his hands on money.
    he has no family. he has no friends.
    he's alone, and he feels empty.
    all he wants to do is just get away.
  • Krista Marie

    mumbled "suicide"

    i'm not like the rest...
    i'm not peicefully swept away.
    'cause i'm nowhere near peice.
    once you're gone the pain stops right?
    once you're gone people move on.
    you become nothing.
    but you were never were anything to begin with.
    you were always the one who kept to hemself.
    never let anyone in.
    even though you really wanted to.
    they soon start to give up,
    and forgot about you.
    no one really cares about you anyways.
    no one will be sad when you're gone.
    no you know why?
    because you are nothing.
    you never were anything.
    you will never be at peice.
    because once you're gone,
    you become forgotten..
  • Krista Marie

    mumbled "Death"

    as i lay in the meadow counting the clouds,
    i watch as te drift off.
    as i say my last goodbyes, i wish them luck on their journey.
    everything here is so calming and peaceful.
    as i sing a sweet lullaby i feel myself drifting.
    i see all the people i have met over the years,
    their heads hang low.
    'i'm still here" i say. "i always have been.:
    as i drift off i see myself, younger then now.
    i see my family.
    they look sad. "please don't forget about me" but i'm too far to be heard.
    i finally see my mom, oh how i missed her.
    i smile and run to her.
    but i find myself looking in the mirror.
    i'm staring at myself, but it's not me. it's my mom.
    i smile and touch my face.
    i look behind me then look back and she's gone,
    i'm gone...
    it's peaceful.
    as i watch the clouds drift off.
    as i say my last goodbyes, i wish them lluck on their journey.
    everything here is so calm and peaceful.
  • Krista Marie

    mumbled "reality"

    [[this was a class assignment and we had to write a poem with 4 works included in it.]]
    [words: thaw, tangled, honey, snake.]

    as i thaw my heart,
    i run my fingers through my hair.
    as i'm waking up from my cold dreams,
    i try to shake away the sight from yesterday.
    but it's wrapped around in my head like a snake on its pray.
    as i sit up i smell the sweet aroma of honeysuckle.
    "rise and shine."
    the birds are singing a sweet song,
    as i awake from this haunted nightmare of a dream.
    only to realize it's reality.
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