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i love reading fanfics i am a true directioner and . please read my fanfics and comment

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    If they have a girlfriend or boyfriend then tell them embarresing stuff about hour siblings.

    Ive done that and my brother went so red he looked like an over ripenstrawberry
    How To Annoy Your Younger Siblings
    How To Annoy Your...
  • kittykat8000
    Jess and Louis (even though they're not together)
    Baby Styles
    Baby Styles
    Jessica Garvin gets herself a fake ID and enters a club. At only sixteen she meets a guy and goes home with him, she's too drunk to realise that she had just had sex with Harry Styles. THE Harry Styles....
    6 years ago
    You never know... ;D x
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    I feel really sorry for Mandy that girl has a bit of a messed up life.... I really like this book weird but good its similar but different to other books I like it.
    The Songwriter's Daughter
    The Songwriter's...
    Hi! I'm Mandy Madeline Matthews otherwise known triple threat. You know one direction? The super famous boy band? Yeah, my mom works for them, she's a songwriter. Me, my mom, and my brother Michael live...
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    Chuke. Maybe or no but chuke is the best i got (Ch-oo-ke)
    Forever in Love // H.S.
    Forever in Love...
    I miss him so much. His arms around me, his kisses. Just everything abut him. I need him. I need him to say those three words... (Make sure you read Simon Cowell's Daughter first!) cover...
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    great. I dont update my books really so you updating is better then me not.
    That did not make sense but......
    Great book love it!
    Adopted (1D FanFic)
    Adopted (1D FanFic...
    Alexa (Lex/Lexi) has been in the orphange for round about 5 years now. She's 14. When she finds out she's getting adopted, she's happy, nervous, scared, but what happens when it turns out it's One Direction...
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