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  • Kimm
    6 years agoReply
    I love your writing style, everything is crafted so beautifully. I'm very intruiged and hope that you will keep posting more of this fabulous story
    The Butterfly Catchers
    The Butterfly Catc...
    The Butterfly Catchers is inspired by three brutal murders which took place in the Old Farmhouse on my street, in 1932. Those murders weren't solved - but in my story, they are... Joel Tremethick is...
  • Kimm
    6 years agoReply
    This is fantastic! I started reading this on advice from a friend, but found that it was even better than they had said (and they were quite complementary)!
    Please keep writing this, I really want to know what happens!
    The Fragile Tower
    The Fragile Tower
    The Fragile Tower is book one of the Cold Lands series. Grace Lane is fourteen and an outsider who has been looking for something to make her significant for most of her life. When the midwinter fair...
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