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I'm 15, I'm a sophomore in a high school who's marching band brings in more trophies than the foot ball team does wins. I am planning on being a drum major in my next two years of my high school marching career. I'm planning on going to Syracuse University in New York, for journalism and teaching.

  • The girl with freckles.
    I love the plot I was going to do it similar but I love this.
    it was only one shark bite.. for so i thought
    it was only one...
    best friends with One Direction, dating Josh Devine, surfs with her 5 best friend and her boyfriend... pretty good, until she met a shark,and had a suprise news from her ex back from London, Blue then...
  • The girl with freckles.

    I'd love to co-author

    Hey my name is Kennedy I'd love to co-author I read a lot and am a pretty good writer. I have one published fan-fiction. I co-authored before but it hasn't been worked on due to a partner lacking in motivation. Email me or comment. Kennedyhoke@yahoo.com
    5 years ago
    I know this is from absolutely ages ago but I saw it while trawling through the forum. Were you looking for a co-author or to be a co-author. If you wanted to be a co-author and you're still looking to be one, I've a couple of movellas that need co-authors. They aren't fanfics, they're romances so if that's not your sort of thing, I'll understand:
    Ten timesCatherine, a young American girl living in Britain has never been a boy magnet like her friends. Yes, boys have wanted her but for the all wrong reasons....

    The Popular girls Danny is the new guy senior year in High School which means he's going to stick out like a sore thumb. Everyone would know each other and he'd have...

    Thanks anyway - Lizza Maisey
    5 years ago
    heyy i can be a co-author for any genre. heres my work so far if u wanna check it out
    The Red BalloonWill two best friends be able to escape a forest? Or will the stalker clown claim them before anyone can help?
    (its not required) just contact me if ur interested
  • The girl with freckles.
    Stuck In Wonder Land -Zayn Malik Love Story-
    Stuck In Wonder...
    ‏its the feeling you have every time you do something bad.Dangerous ,Upset ,Ashamed no you feel alive ‏you feel the cold air brushing on your skin as ‏you ride on a motorcycle or maybe even on top of...
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