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Hey! I'm Kaylin! I love reading other peoples fanfiction, I like to see how they describe themselves through writing. Sometimes, the main characters are based off of the writer.
I am IN LOVE with Harry Styles, One Direction is my LIFE.
I would love to be friends with anyone, I'm not a snob or a mean person, so yeah.
Read my stories! THANKS!

  • Kaylin_Styles

    mumbled "Bullying."

    I stand in the corner and watch as you torture that girl. Why? Do you even know what is going on inside of her mind? That's right you don't. Do you ever think your the reason she self-harms? Or that she is anorexic? Maybe she is so tired of you bullying her that she is going to end her life. Ever think of that? Right you don't, because all you care about is putting all of your pain and anger into a dodgeball, just so you can throw it at others so they can feel what you do. Maybe that's the wrong choice. Ever heard about talking? Don't you ever think that it is better talking about your pain, than feeling more because you know you are the reason for someone else's pain? We just need to stop and think. We were all born the same way, and we are all going to die. So how about we spend this little amount of time loving each other instead of hating.
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