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  • A Field Of Flowers
    A Field Of Flowers
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    I'm Stuck Because...
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  • Michael's Sister
    Michael's Sister
    by kt..
  • I Don't Belive In True Love
    I Don't Belive In...
    by kt..
  • kt..
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    are you still active on here? i miss you so bad, please message me soon.
    2 years ago
    i sometimes am .. I'm so sorry for being so inactive. Thank u so much for caring <3 it means the world to me. I miss you too <3 I hope you're doing okay
  • kt..

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    SO i wrote this list in 2015, lets see how many i've actually achieved
    1) Write a book
    2) Actually be in a relationship (no joke) x
    3) Travel the world with my best friends
    4) Meet my idols
    5) Stick to a diet
    6) Loose weight
    7) Meet my internet friends
    8) Go to a concert in a different country
    9) Sleep under the stars x
    10) Get a house with my best friend
    11) Kiss someone in the rain x
    12) Feel comfortable in my own skin
    13) Get a tattoo
    14) Get serenaded <3
    15) Sing in front of a big crowd
    16) Learn bass better
    17) Take a picture every day for 1 year
    18) Go to a drive-in movie
    19) Have a sleepover in a garden with loads of friends x
    20) Dye my hair white
    21) Discover who my true friends are
    22) Get rid of most fears
    23) Love everyday
    Book Maker
    3 years ago
    Wow! At least you tried...
    1 years ago
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