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I'm Kai.
A little about me:
~18 and 5foot 3inches tall.
~I'm an Awkward turtle.
~I'm Pansexual and agender
~I write fanfiction about bands and youtubers
~I got a shitty schedule for updating, but it happens.
~Music is my life.
~I'm a recovered Anorexic and a recovered Self harmer.
~RI--> MA--> AZ---> MA
~I make shitty Youtube videos, and I have a pretty teenage face but the mouth of a sailor.
I don't accept hate and love hearing from my readers <3 :*. That's basically it so. Enjoy my writing c:

  • Plutos Princess
    Name; Lux Amelia Snape
    Godly Parent; Nyx
    Looks; Long white hair, Pale blue eyes, Short, skinny. Septum peircing.
    Clothing; Kind of grunge/ punk style, dark colors, Wears the orange Camp half blood shirt with the sleeves cut off, cut almost down to the bottom seam. Combat boots or Vans for shoes.
    Weapon; Two Katanas, one celestial bronze the other imperial gold.
    Personality; Always the odd one out, really flirty, likes to joke around. easily angered. but forgives easily. Confident type.
    Relationships; Single, but flirts with everyone. Has a twin names Lexi, Who is opposite in almost every way.
    Age; 17
    Other; Half Wizard, Lives in Hogwarts during the school year. British accent, 5'3.
    I actually wrote a story with Lux as the main character on my page if you want to know more.
    Demigod's Daughter
    Demigod's Daughter
    Anastasia. That's it. Her entire name, or so she thought. Ana is a sweet girl which is hard to find in the foster system. Ana lives with her foster mother Mrs. Fields, James, and his little sister Charlotte....
    Asteria Grace
    3 years ago
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    Hehe, welcome my sister, daughter if Nyx. :3
    Asteria Grace
    3 years ago
    Plutos Princess
    3 years ago
    Thank you fellow Daughter of Nyx c:
  • Plutos Princess

    mumbled "IMPORTANT"

    So I changed the celeb sibling in my last two Chapters in the Warped Love movella. please go reread them if you have already read what i posted last night
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