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  • katvanwart
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    Omg! This is so good! Please, PLEASE update!!!
    Sexual Education -Harry Styles-
    Sexual Education...
    “So let me get this straight. Sweet, smart little London wants me to teach her how to have sex? So that she can lose you virginity before graduation?” Harry asked me, quoting my words. “Look if you...
  • katvanwart
    6 years agoReply
    Team Luke all the way!!!
    Anything Can Happen l.h
    Anything Can Happe...
    ©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved. [5sos and not famous yet]17 year-old Kendall Hilton is forced to move from Britain to Australia, After both her parents die in a plane crash. She...
    ♕Jen hemmings♕
    Thanks for you opinion the sequel is out now
  • katvanwart
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    Hi I'm Katie, I am Irish and have dark brown hair and bright green eyes. I am 18 and love to eat, sing , and play guitar. I would love any part but was hoping for Niall's sister or Liam's girlfriend. ��
    The Accidental Skype Call- A Narry fanfic
    The Accidental Sky...
    What happens when two best friends accidentally make a Skype call to some two very important boys? Will they find true love or will they fall apart and stay friends?
    6 years ago
    Oh but you can call me Kat! All my friends do! If you need anymore information just let me know!
  • katvanwart
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    Amnesia (Luke Hemmings)
    Amnesia (Luke Hemm...
    What happens when Natalie Sinclair gets to take a trip to Australia with her good friend Clara Pearce? She gets to spend the whole summer in the same town as her favorite band 5 Seconds of Summer. But...
  • katvanwart
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    please update this one! I love it!!!
    In His Arms
    In His Arms
    For Sommers whole life she was passed around to different foster homes until she moved in with her boyfriend Chris. He was always beating her. Chris kicked her out on the day of her birthday but maybe...
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