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Hey I'm Katherine pain. I am an elete swimmer on the Greater Waterbury YMCA Swim Team and have been to YMAC NATS multiple times. My favorite color is teal, I will eat pretty much anything and I love music. I'm more of a Billy Joel/ Bon Jovi kind of girl but I listen to one direction and imagine dragons as well. I write about one direction because my sister Horan4life<3 loves them and I enjoy reading those fan fictions. You can find me reading anywhere and I am officially in life guarding class. Missy Franklin is my idol and my hero because she helps me see that my dream of being an Olympian can be a reality. I have Ryan Lochte, Connor Dwyer, Aaron Piersol, and Micah Laurence's autographs, but I met everyone except Ryan. I got his autograph Via mail for Christmas and I cried literally. Have fun reading and follow your dreams. One more thin about me. If you know any riddles I would love to hear them so I can figure them out. Here's a good one: 
The dwarves and Snow White sit down for a bite. What does Snow White serve next. 
Or this one is also good
Every time you increase me you see less. What am I?

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    Please update. This story is really good
    My New (Step) Brother
    My New (Step) Brot...
    Amber (A big directioner) comes home to her moms after spending the summer at her fathers. This time her mom has a boyfriend who came with a child of his own. The one and only Louis Tomlinson. What will...
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    Thank you for reading!
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    This is an excellent story. You should continue writing it. Please!
    Twenty-Eight Days: H.S.
    Twenty-Eight Days:...
    *SEQUEL TO FOURTEEN DAYS, SO READ THAT ONE FIRST TO UNDERSTAND* After spending the most incredible 14 days with Harry Styles, he's gone now, & Jo is left back in Los Angeles.. Alone, without him. It's...
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    This us hilarious! Please updAte ASAP!!!!!
    Demigods & Wizards United
    Demigods & Wizards...
    4 demigods. 3 wizards. 2 schools. 1 enemy. Lord Voldemort has grown stronger. He has sided with the monsters that want to kill the demigods. The only way to stop him is to send Percy Jackson, Annabeth...
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    Update dont leave me hangin
    -Im-per-vi-ous ( adjective) Incapable of being penetrated or affected.- When a girl is born, she is given a ring. Every ring has a different design on it. The boys on the other hand, can choose one of...
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