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    number 36!!!! it's very true and annoying!
    Dumb FanFic Moments
    Dumb FanFic Moment...
    this is a pretty pointless movella with alot of reads.Thanks.. 12•17•14 Just realized I slept "a lot" wrong..oops 1•5•15 Just realized I spelt "spelt" wrong. I'm an idiot.
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    mumbled "Hello again!!"

    Haven't been on movellas for a while!! Probably going to start writing more and welcome to any ideas or don't mind reading some movellas if anyone wants any advice or opinion!
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    It's really sad that abuse and rape can become the centre of a major pop song. It was refreshing to see a good take on it and I liked this a lot.
    Those 'Blurred Lines'
    Those 'Blurred Lin...
    A look at why this popular song is problematic and the effect it is having on our society's opinion on consent.
  • Katherine McGillicudy
    Full Name: Dashiell (Dash) Blackwater
    Full appearance: Close cut black hair, dark eyes and skin. He is tall for his age and thin, but he is extremely shy so seems small for his age.
    Personality: Normally has low self esteem but when angry lashes out. He is also extremely talented in crafting things.
    Weapons: Being able to turn anything into one.
    Favorite colour: The fresh green he rarely sees at home.
    Other: He despises the capitol and longs to run away with his secret boyfriend at home, but most of all to get revenge on his mother's death.
    District wanted: 11
    The Hunger Games: Virtual Version
    The Hunger Games:...
    Have you ever wanted to be part of the Hunger Games? Well of course not! You would die! But not in the virtual kind. Welcome to the Hunger Games: Virtual Version! To 'sign up' as a tribute, designer,...
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