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  • Kate Renee

    mumbled "Sexuality and Assholes"

    5 years agoReply
    I can't say anything about the multiple genders but I do know there are multiple sexualities and I do know you have no fucking right to make any type of remark at someone if they're different then you. I am a straight, 17 year old female. But I don't not give a SINGLE fuck if you are a sleazy, dirty, pack rat disrespecting me, I'll still you give the respect I think you deserve. I know you need it more than I do. I'm not going to feel guilty for more people's deaths, thinking that if I did more I could've solved the labyrinth, I could've solved all the shit I knew I should've. But fuck it. What you should be doing now? Fuck off. Do not dare to lay a finger on a person who identifies different from you. Do not dare lay a finger on your keyboard to break the bones of someone who's better than you. Just because they're happy and want to be and live as they are gives you no fucking right to have and absolute power, any power at all to come in and take there's away from them. You deserve nothing more than a kick to the cranium. I honestly do not understand how people can sit and say they wish someone was dead or how they wish someone would stop breathing. The absolute nerve you have to call yourself human and say you have feelings and cry when you get hurt by somebody else hurts you. Karma is a nasty bitch and I hope she has a piggy bank saved up for you because you've picked up quite a few down faced pennies in your time. Damn, I have to sit here and make a video hating on people that hate. And that sucks, sucks a lot. I don't understand why people are hated for being people. I am more than happy to sprinkle my glitter like Hansel and Gretel and follow me as you want because I'm not going to stop fighting for what's right. If you think that you have the audacity and even if you want to be the accessory please continue, because I bought a new notebook to write in as my shit list. Freedom doesn't stop at marriage. Equality isn't only for LGBTQ community. Get over yourselves, assholes.
    Black China
    5 years ago

    @[japhan] @[vinylstyles]

    well then who is the freedom and equality for...?

    because the only way you're deemed as equal is if you're white and straight in the United States of America....
    Kate Renee
    5 years ago
    That's what I'm saying... It's for everyone. It's for literally ever being created, you can't say per say; a Black, 24 year old, male, transvestite, and a Muslim, 14 year old, girl who's straight should have the same freedom. I don't give a flying fuck where you are. But for all purposes, the only say I have is for myself and I live in the US. So I guess I'm speaking for the US. I can't speak for the entire world. I wish on everything that I have that I could have half the world's attention even if I didn't change their opinions. You can't change anyone, but you can challenge them. I'm not trying to offend anyone and I'm sorry if I did. But, I'm not apologizing for what I said, what I did, and what I believe in. I honestly have no fucks to give for people who give no respect for me. If you want change make it, I'm trying to. Don't sit here "......" me and give the same question the entire sarcastic ironic smart ass internet community asks. You want a difference? Make one. Lost hope? Better find some. Call my answer to you overkill, I don't give a flying fuck this isn't only for you. Okay? Okay.
  • Kate Renee

    mumbled "Peppermint Gum"

    6 years agoReply
    "Steven," I mumble. "Pass me a piece of that peppermint gum. My breath smells of weed."
    "But, I have a piece in my mouth, Anna. Why waste when we can share?" He tilts his head and moves it closer to mine, and I reach in towards him. Our mouthes collide and it's like a million little pieces of dandelion fuzz are tickling me. He feels sweet and cool, and his lips seem to numb mine. His tongue tastes fresh like peppermint and I play tag with his tongue so I get some of of the scent on mine. But, it's not even because I want to smell like peppermint. It's because I want Steven. An hour ago, I didn't even know who Steven was. Funny, isn't it? All because he didn't want to waste a piece of peppermint gum.
  • Kate Renee

    mumbled "Let it Burn."

    7 years agoReply
    In school today someone said that they smelt gasoline.. I told them "maybe someone's going to burn down the school." They all looked disgusted with me, but I didn't care, because I desperately wanted it to burn. I wanted to be trapped in that school and watch it fall to pieces, watch my skin melt in my last breaths. Watch the place I hated go down in flames. That would be so perfect.
    -Kate Rousseau
  • Kate Renee

    mumbled "I Dont Really Know"

    7 years agoReply
    life is so confusing sometimes, sometimes you pretend to enjoy it, and then, maybe for a minute, you actually do. then theres the other times, where you know you dont want to breathe anymore.
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