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yeeeeeeeet ( )/ *u

lol just messing how's life my peeeps

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    This book is really good. I can't wait to read what happens next.
    Addison Blake, otherwise known as Addie, is an outcast. She's a juvenile delinquent on top of the fact that, oh, right... She sees dead people. At least that's what she thinks they are. After seeing the...
  • Kasythesurvivor1
    Rest of the book is going to be on my other account. @[Kasythesurvivor1]
    Good Girl Bad boy
    Good Girl Bad boy
    Warning: content not advised for younger readers. Read at your own risk :) Cover made by @Ziree You guys will have to read my blog on what it's about because I couldn't fit it on here. 1-6 have...
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    mumbled "so I tried guys...."

    my original email apparently isn't the one the one I used and I an't remember any of my other emails so this is now my main account. I'm going to be reposting all my books on this account
    Little Miss Author
    oh! okay! do you want me to take ur other account off the magazine?
    yeah if you can

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