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I'm a survivor.

I won't let anyone bring me down. I am who I won't t be. No matter how much I want to just give up I will stay strong. You thought you could break me but here I am a smile on my face doing what I love without you. I may have loved you but now I realize you were just using me. You tossed me away once you were done with me. Now I'm stronger than ever. Hope you have a nice life because mine will be great without you in it. I've changed and I'm here to stay. I am Kasythesurvivor and I always survive.

I'm 16. I struggle with Agoraphobia which cause me severe anxiety. I love to write more than anything. I love white tigers hence the name :)

Good Girl Falls For The Bad Boy

by , Saturday September 8, 2018
Good Girl Falls For The Bad Boy

Coming soon.....

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  • Kasythewhitetiger<3

    mumbled "hey guys."

    Thank you for all the views and likes and favorites so far on my book.

    Good Girl Bad boyWarning: content not advised for younger readers. Read at your own risk :) Cover made by @Ziree You guys will have to read my blog on what it's...

    I'm not even half way through yet so be prepared guys. I've finished writing chapter 13 finally. I am going to be typing it up. Fair warning it's sad. I tried to make it really good. That's why it's taken so long. That and been trying to work on other books too. I hope those who haven't checked it out will. Those who have been reading. Keep your notifications on because it chapter 13 is going to be published sometime next week ~ Kasy
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