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    Elite Acquisitions - Westward Marketing - Westward Innovations, Westward Marketing Innovat

    Elite Acquisitions - Westward Marketing - Westward Innovations, Westward Marketing Innovat
    Elite Acquisitions - Westward Innovations - Westward Marketing ripoff misleading information to job candidates untrue information posted at careerbuilder deception unpaid work fraudulent information Phoenix Arizona
    Elite Acquisitions is none other than Westward Innovations Inc. using a false name. They probably use this name to hide the fact that they are someone they are not.
    The information I collected about Elite Acquistions Inc. is not what this company does! It is fraudulent in its appearance as well as what they do.
    Westward Innovations Inc. is misleading in its job descriptions. They told me to come in for an interview, face-to-face, but they brought another person in the interview with me.
    The interview was 30 minutes, with no questions allowed to be asked as well as no job description and no pay mentioned. When I questioned the secretary about the job and its pay she told me she couldn't say since she wasn't sure what job I was applying for.
    Each job at this company is supposedly started on the entry level position and no hiring for higher positions is allowed.
    I was called for a "second interview" which would be from 9-5. I was told it is "field training" which would indicate training.
    I asked about the "second interview" inquiring about the pay. This is not an interview if it lasts for more than an hour and a half. I have never been to an interview that lasts a complete business day.
    I questioned how they could call this a second interview when it is actually job training. Their web site as well as job posting indicated you get to "Earn while you learn." This is misleading and fraudulent information if they are calling job training an interview.
    I asked if we get paid for this full day of work and was told no because it's an interview, just the second of three to four interviews before I would even know if I got the job! Is this legal?
    After asking these questions I was told my name was taken off the interview list because this is obviously not the job for me. I agree but I am upset because they misled me all the way and no one would answer any questions I had.
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Westward Marketing Group Complaint Review
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