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Dear anyone,

I love doctor who, supernatural, merlin, and Sherlock and I have had the chance to meet them all in person on the set of each one and now i told them that im going to published i book call fan fiction and they argeed for me to which how they act for a few months together and one of the writers form each show was going to work together to make one show with all of them in it. like the doctor would go pick up merlin and some people form that time and bring them here and i think u guys get it so there you go i would just look for it online and you might just find it.

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    Friends with Benefits
    Friends with Benef...
    Friends with benefits are usaully simple and silly. But not wen your friend with benefit is Harry Styles from One Direction.You must try your hardest to keep evreything a secret cause God knows wat will...
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    Update soon
    Tank Tops & Tee Shirts
    Tank Tops & Tee...
    Spanish summer. Ray-Bans. Wishing fountains. Starlight dancing. Bleached hair. River swimming. Tomato throwing. Pink lips. Copper eyes. Sweet nothings. Love making. Academy kisses. Sundresses. Roses. Tank...
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