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    mumbled "truth on how I feel"

    there's people that say that they are your friends you are always there for them but in the end when you need them the most they are never there for you I really wish I had true friends people that actually cared about me
  • Justthinkaboutit

    mumbled "I dont know if i should post"

    I need to write more, I havent even finish posting one of my stories I still have a couple chapter, but I dont know if I should just delete it or keep it and just keep writing. I dont know. I have more things to publish but I dont know what you people would think about them. I dont know what I should do.
    The Lone Wanderer
    you shouldn't care about what other people think-you should write and publish because you enjoy it. If you think that your stuff will get bad feedback, click on my name and read some of the stuff I write, then look at the comments. I probably write the weirdest stuff on this site. Don't let others ruin what you enjoy/want to do.
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