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Don't judge me if you don't know me.
Oh um.... My name is Izzy.

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    Just Stay Strong babe.
    There are others like you who have won the battle with themselves.
    Let's see if you can come out a survivor.
    Even I'm like you,
    I guess I could share my story with someone who seems to understand.
    I've been depressed, suicidal, a loner, bullied, and bulimic since seven. I'm twelve now. At the age of eleven I self harmed for the first time. I got addicted. I never met anyone who had a similar story....
    and I need a friend...Will you be my friend?
    My Story ..
    My Story ..
    Okay so this isn't a pity story, It's true . It's what I've went through alone ... Freya Flynn ... x
    Of course and I'm on kik if you ever need to vent! I'm always here
    5 years ago
    Thanks, babe. You seem like a nice person. But, what do I know? Promise me you arent cray?
    I promise , you can count on me just ask ILOVE1D4LIFE xx
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    Poohpy Bear... Where have I heard that before ? XD
    Poohpy Bear!
    Poohpy Bear!
    Once upon a time...this yellow honey lurvin' bear got his big fat butt stuck in the toilet...his name was Poohpy Bear! A Winnie The Pooh Fanfiction! A TRUE AND HORRIFYING TALE, NOT MEANT FOR YOUNG...
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    Signing both
    The Fight Against Erotica
    The Fight Against...
    Movellas is currently being polluted with stories which are breaking the rules. The worst thing? There's so many most of them are getting away with it. If you are also not happy about this, read this....
    Eve Smallman
    6 years ago
    Thanks for your support! :D
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    Two words
    Clap, clap.
    Another work of Genius Rawrz, congratz.
    You. Are Scary.
    You. Are Scary.
    I'm not much of a social, loveable, happy, talkative kinda person. I'm just me ^_^ A little crazy, creepy, weird, strange, annoying, evil, mad, waffle.
  • JustStayStrong
    Oh my god, The Rawrz Hatter! I happen to know some people that can relate to that character. ;)
    (I'm new here, but I'm sure you will become one of my favorite people.)
    Movellians Of Wonderland
    Movellians Of Wond...
    Ever wanted to be in the land of Wonderland? Well here you are... Movellians. ;D You have to be a fan of me in order to get a character. Haven't seen yourself anywhere? Well, remind me! I don't mind...
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