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  • JustAnotherGuy
    This is my first time writing thriller and horror type story. If this story appealing to you, then commenting and liking this page will be really encouraging me. I will try my best to make this my first completed story.
    Blood Crimson
    Blood Crimson
    Crimson Blood, the battle royal meant for the prisoners, had brought Jack Benson, an ordinary individual, by pure accident. Jack Benson, regardless of his explanation, was sent to this brutal battle. How...
  • JustAnotherGuy
    I would like to request a cover.
    Title: The Walker
    Author: JustAnotherGuy
    Summary: Knight or Magician?
    Divide the cover in two diagonally.
    The top one should have blue while the bottom one should have red color.
    It would be great it the blue one had an image of wand while the red one had an image of sword. I think the title would be best fitting in the center and the summary right below it. It would be great if the general mood of the cover is modern and simple, including the wand and sword images.
    Thank you.

    The Amazing Cover Store
    The Amazing Cover...
    In need of a cover for your Movella? Well yeah this IS A COVER STORE and I would love to help!!!
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    Your cover is done :)
  • JustAnotherGuy

    mumbled "A Question"

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    What type of genre is famous nowadays? I mostly released action/adventure or fantasy nowadays and I don't feel like its getting as much attention as other genres...
    1 years ago
    fan fiction.
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